Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#-1 - Graduate Early

College is the best years of your life enjoy them while you can. I've heard this countless times and always wondered how true that is. If these were the best years of everyone's life wouldn't there be a spike in suicides in freshly-graduated 20-25 year-olds. Or at least by age 30 when according to what I've heard is when partying and enjoying life stops. Yet this isn't the case maybe people just drudge on through life because they want to live above anything else or maybe they enjoy juggling a job and kids while having no life outside of that or maybe they make a lot of money and all their cool cars, gigantic houses, and trophies wives/husbands keep them happy. I'd rather enjoy my life and do what I want, but what do I know I'm only 21 years old.

My friends constantly tell me I should stay in college with them for another year or two. They believe that the ability to go to 10 different bars on the weekend, drink so much your only hungover or drunk, and avoid the responsibilities of the real world is the perfect life. Admittedly this is fun for awhile, but when it costs $12,000 every 5 months it loses its appeal. Even my more intellectually capable friends think I should take this class with them about early political thought from Plato to Machiavelli, that graduate class on Russian history, or the class on game theory with the incredibly smart professor. While potentially interesting is it something I couldn't research on my own if I was so inclined...no.

So I graduated in 3 years which was plenty of time. I changed my major just like everyone else, I had time to study abroad in Spain which changed my life, and I took all the classes I wanted to. If you do this ask yourself two questions: Did you enjoy your time? Did you learn something important about yourself? Answering yes to both means your most likely ready to move on and seek the next challenge. Don't be afraid see what amazing thing you can do next! Let me know your experience. What are your thoughts on the cost of College? Please Comment Below.

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