Friday, October 21, 2011

#11 Make Your First CV in Spanish

The idea of a CV is perfection you have to show an employer just how perfect you are, so they will think you are the best person for the job and hire you. Well guess what I'm not perfect and I hate pretending to be perfect. Then try to do that in a language that is not your own. Good luck you can't do it on your own unless you have mastered the language. You need to ask for help you need to have someone help you make it better.

Most of us struggle with this idea we want to make it perfect, so there is nothing wrong with it, but in the end it is actually worse. You try too hard to make yourself seem perfect that you fear being perceived as human. We all are human we all aren't perfect.

I wrote my first CV today. Oh of course I had done the practice ones you do in that college-prep or orientation classes, but with those you can make up what you think you will do like I will be so perfect I will get that internship I will do research in the field I will learn everything I possibly need to know to do that. No you won't. You will likely do some of it if you really like what your doing, but if you don't know what you want to do, like most of us, you won't. You probably will take the classes do a little bit here and there that prepares you, but if you don't love it you won't do it.

Now writing one for real you will have to use your actual facts you can't lie you aren't perfect. You have to use what you have done. To get a job at a hotel here I know what they want. They want someone that speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and English fluently. They want someone that is great with people. They want someone who will always work hard. Someone who will be able to do everything they ask them to and more.

Well I'm not that guy it would silly for me to try to be I just need to show off what I can do what I will do for the company. I can speak English better than any Uruguayan. I have a year of experience in hotels. I learn systems quicker than most. that is what I can do.

When you use your real information don't try to be perfect or you'll be too afraid to apply anywhere because you will always see what is wrong with your resumé, but guess what I left a little bit of shadow in my picture, when I tried to erase it I only made it worse. Don't be perfect be you and the rest will fall into place. That's what I learned and I have gotten 3 interviews and expect a few more, but we'll see...

Here's how it turned out

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