Friday, October 21, 2011

#10 Kiss a Dude

Yea that got your attention didn't it.
No I'm not gay, this isn't some post where I come out of the closet.
In Uruguay the normal greeting is a beso(kiss) on the right cheek. Even between guys although it does depend on the guy and how well you know them.

In my opinion if you already know the person it is a lot more personal or heartfelt hi than a high-five or handshake like in the States.
I've noticed after watching the family and other Uruguayans that we(Americans) are generally more standoffish(probably due to our heavy British and German heritages in some of us).
The way I like to describe the Brits is they act like they have a stick in their...

So how to put this in practice.

Do greet people who are not part of the family(who you don't live with) everytime you come into their house.

Do greet everyone

Don't greet people you don't know on the street

Do say goodbye to everyone with at the very least a handshake(you may wave if there are a bunch and you are younger)

Now you are ready to meet people in Uruguay although you should probably know some Spanish too.(It helps a little bit)

What do you think about greetings around the world? Please Comment Below.

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