Friday, October 14, 2011

#2 Move to a Country without a Job

Every time I told someone I was going to Uruguay they proceed to ask "Why?". I have many reasons: I love traveling, I'm not ready to work in an office for the rest of my life, the people are very nice, the weather is great, I like the food there, it's ridiculously easy to get residency and later citizenship, etc. I didn't want to explain that to some of them because they really didn't care, so I didn't care to answer. Also they never really understood why I would ever want to leave the United States. I think among other reasons; as a country the United States is very insular. There are various reasons for this. There is plenty to see and do in the U.S., we are currently the most powerful country in the world(with English the most used language), and, I think most importantly, we fear the world outside the U.S. because people want to kill us, steal from us, etc.

Obviously there are exceptions Europe is romanticized, but for good reason, cruises in the Caribbean are becoming more popular, and other English-speaking countries are popular destinations as well. However, most people travel, for lack of better term, Americanly. We generally stay separated by car, bus, ship, or whatever from the country. If we do walk around around we have a checklist of sights to see or things to do or if your young illegal things to try. The American who actually wants to know about another culture is a rare breed. Even the American who lives abroad, (expatriate/expat) usually carries with them the American mindset and lives separate from the locals.

The next thing almost everyone I talked to said was "I couldn't do that". I have a friend who has been to Spain at least 5 times working, living, studying there and she said the same. I've only been to one other country outside the U.S. (Spain) for more than a week, traveled on my own to two (Italy and Vatican City)...Ok that is really only one, and been to a handful of others for a weekend or less (Mexico, Canada, Portugal, and many in the Caribbean). I'm in a country with a different language that I speak ok without a job and little experience. How come someone that has lived a little longer and speaks the language as well or better than me thinks they couldn't find a job? I don't get why going anywhere without a job is so hard for some. I know Americans tend to define themselves by their career.

However, a job/career doesn't tell you much for certain about me except approximately how much money I have. Some like their job some don't, some are more intelligent/competent some aren't. I think as a culture we need to relax. In the rest of the world people work hard, but they make time for family, friends, and enjoying life in general.

I got strange looks for choosing to do something I want rather than for money. The way I perceived is why would someone not want more money...

What do you think about the work culture in America? What is it like in your country? Please Comment Below.

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