Thursday, October 27, 2011

#13 Interview in Spanish

...So I talked to the manager about the job in my bumbling Spanish(Somehow didn't get hung up on) and got an interview at 5 o'clock that afternoon. Oh yea where was this mysterious interview(Well ... I knew, all I knew was it was downtown). That was in 8 hours and I hadn't even prepared cue! Well guess what I discovered I am a recovering perfectionist(I was in high school) and I've had a few relapses here.(maybe there is a Perfectionist Anonymous I could go to). I tend to overprepare(a lot) when I'm nervous. So what did I do knowing this, as little as I could(Fellow Perfectionist:"What!?! you're crazy"). Oh sure I picked out my outfit, showered, and looked at common interview questions (in Spanish since I had finally gotten my Spanish brain working).

However, all I really did before I left for the interview was practice my Spanish.An interview in Spanish is a "leeeetle beet" (as Juan Pedro would say) difficult if you don't know the language. I listened to Cuarteto de Nos(Uruguayan pop rock band and really puts you in a good mood) and talked to Juan Pedro's brother who had been in Madrid for five years. Guess what? I was still way overprepared(Of course).

I left the house freaking out a bit with the pre-race jitters(They are the same as pre-interview). I needed to do something to calm me down. I got on the bus(Hey at least I'm not retarded) and I got off at the right stop(Oh I actually do know where I am going now). The runner in me calms down when I go for a walk althought it doesn't inflate my ego to the god-among-men level a good, hard run would. (Oh I feel good now), but then pre-race cottonmouth decided to rear its ugly serpent head. I saw one of the tiny little convenience stores(They don't seem to need a gas station to exist unlike home) across the street. As I proceeded to buy a bottle of water, the clerk asked me where I was from and what I was doing. I told her about the interview and she said Suerte(Good Luck for you Shankees)(Holy $^&# Uruguayans are so nice).

Ok the interview was easy really easy. My Spanish flowed fine I understood the manager perfectly it was pretty chill. I thought I did great. The next day I thought about and realized I had just made about every error in the book. My problem was what I said not my level of Spanish. Live and Learn.

Update: I've had two since one in english and one in Spanish they have gone a lot better.

What do you think about job interivews? What has been your experience? Please Comment Below.

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