Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#17 Make your own Mate/Become a Mate Pro

I was tired, I needed something to wake-up, I needed Mate!

Well today I couldn't wait to use my new mate. So being the maverick I am(No not like Sarah Palin!) I tried to make some mate. I had a rough idea of how to do it(make a little mountain on one side, add hot water, repeat as necessary), but was pretty much just winging it. Since no one was around I had no choice and then da-da-da Super Mate Man(Juan Pedro) walked in the door and saved the day. He added a heaping amount of mate to what I thought was plenty. Then added the near-boiling water to my mate. With mate you have to be careful or you will end up with a burned mouth.

Ok I thought I had the hang of it, I tried again another day. Nope! Gabi saved my mate. Ok surely now I got it, no Mechi saved my @$$ again. I like to think I am fairly intelligent, so let me tell you why it is so complicated.

Step 1:
Clean out Mate with Bombilla

Step 2:

Fill with Yerba(Tricky because if you don't put the right amount the next steps are harder)

Step 3: While tilting mate so yerba is on one side put in a little bit of cold water(With a faucet that doesn't shut off right away quite tricky)

Step 4:

Let cold water soak in

Step 5:

Form the montanita(little mountain) on one side of the mate and put bombilla in like a shovel so it is at the bottom (This is harder than it sounds with the dry mate avalanching if there is not enough wet mate to hold it up(seriously an engineering degree should be required).)

Step 6:

Fill with hot water(I assume you already boiled it) to just below top of montanita and let sit for a few minutes(so mate get's used little by little and doesn't lose flavor when it is it is called mate lavado(washed))

Step 7:

Enjoy 3-4 sips of mate until there is no water left

Step 8:

Use bombilla to reconstruct montanita(without spilling) and put bombilla in bottom with shovel motion.

Step 9:

Repeat until mate is lavado.

Next level maneuver make mate while standing or walking around like these pros:

If you can do this you are a mate pro.

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