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#21 Hanging out with the Hooligans: Part 3 Fútbol v. Football

Before anyone says something stupid, let me say I love football definitely my favorite sport. Also I have been to at least 20 NFL games(Chiefs), 20 college football games(Cyclones and Tigers), and way too many HS football games. I've seen the fan experience at each of these stadiums, so I know what I am talking about. Now that is out of way. So how did the fan experience at El Clásico compare to an American football game?


This depends on the game, but you bet your @$$ the police working at a fútbol game have stopped riots not like the rent-a-cops in other stadiums. That being said football game-day security is more convenient and generally more agreeable.

Advantage: Football

Player Entrance:

Football: Smoke coming out of tunnel or breaking through banner to loud screaming fans. Usually entrance music. Depending on the locale a few fireworks. If your really lucky a jet flyover.

Fútbol: First confetti goes everywhere no man is left uncovered. Smoke bombs are lit until the crowd is choking as they are chanting and cheering LOUDLY. Then if your in the middle your flag comes down. Meanwhile, fireworks are going off constantly like it's a July 4th Grand Finale.

Not Even Close.Advantage Fútbol.


Football: You'll get some different ones based on the school or the team, but generally very uncreative. For example the Tomahawk Chop and Gator Chomp are used where there is no reason. Also any version of a chant that has you spelling the team name in some way, great your not retarded. Example(M-I-Z Z-O-U)

Ok they are retarded go Jayhawks. There are some creative ones like Hotty Toddy, but they are few.

Also normally the announcer helps start these or the scoreboard.


You are chanting about your undying love for your team or mocking the other team/refs/police. There are so many different ones only the biggest of fans know them all. However, they generally follow these themes and they are done almost constantly and especially so when a team is close to scoring a goal.

Advantage Fútbol.



In college you have a marching band in the NFL not so much. In my experience you have to beg the band to play the song you want.


The band is in the stands and the best part is the drums sounding like a war is coming. The drums set the rhythm for the chant and they are awesome.

Again not close. Advantage Fútbol.

Watching The Game/Replays:

Football: You have a huge screen or many for watching replays of every big play.

Fútbol: That tiny screen isn't helping much. If you miss it you missed it, you bet your @$$ your watching the game the whole time not grabbing snacks.

I've missed plenty of plays live I love replay. Advantage Football.



On the best of days or the biggest of plays(see below) the stands are shaking and it is so loud you can't think. Otherwise you got 3rd or 4th down and sporadic cheers after big plays.


Cheering and Chanting throughout the whole game, but it is rarely deafening goals being the exception.

Football can get way louder and big plays are easier to find so cheering is more frequent, but the non-stop chanting of fútbol is impressive(very few casual fans).


Celebrating a Win:

Football: If you are team that has just become bowl eligible and knocked off the number two team in the country you rush the field and become part of a huge surging mob.

Fútbol: You get loud really loud and your flags are waving, but you aren't getting over that barb wire fence and past the riot police...most days.

Advantage: Football

I could get into the game, but I don't really care to as that clearly favors American football as it is more action-packed although games tend to drag on a lot longer than fútbol.

Let's Check the Final Score:
Wins for each
Football Fútbol
Celebrating Wins Player Entrance
Replays Chants
Security Bands
Noise/Fans Cheering Noise/Fans Cheering

This is what does it for me.

Average(Not the Diehards) Fan:


Sitting and quiet except on 3rd/4th downs, kick offs, or goal line situations. Will stand-up and yell when there is a huge play with high-fives very common.
-Student sections are a little better, but not much especially in the 2nd half if the game is boring
-If you think your stadium is better I doubt it. Arrowhead can get earth-shakingly loud so shut up SEC, Texas schools, and Seattle(you are not louder).


You aren't sitting except at half-time regardless of age. In fact there is a chant that says those who aren't jumping are fans of the other team(You better be jumping). You are chanting almost constantly, so you will be hoarse for sure.

Advantage: Fútbol

That being said the game will always change some these things a very good game of football is much better than an OK fútbol game and vice versa. This is just for a decent game of both.

What do you think? Did I miss something? What is your favorite? Please Comment Below*.

*Anyone can comment feel free to do so anytime. Please keep it civil.

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