Thursday, December 15, 2011

#25 Get a Job

So if you already my interview in Spanish post you know what happened.

However, I had another one with Berlitz. I came in speaking Spanish and then the interviewer said "Hello". Oh right English, wait how do you use that again?". So I changed gears rapidly to my best English. The interview consisted of talking about the job in English. All I had to do was prove I could speak English well. Yes!! I can do that.

Berlitz is a language-instruction institute that teaches by immersion. Basically you do what I did in reverse(Spanish to English). Students listen to me speak English and bit by bit pick it up. Also it has some great benefits I can get free language instruction or discounted private sessions. Portuguese, yes please. Other reasons to be excited are the flexible hours and working at home on the Berlitz Virtual Classroom platform.

I signed papers with my training class the 29th, which was interesting since everything was in Spanish. Along with that I received four huge instructor's manuals. My training class was really cool and the people in the company are really helpful and fun, so definitely excited. Plus we recently had the end of the year party which was good to meet everybody in the company face to face.

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