Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#22 Get Residency: Part 1 Carnet de Salud(Part 1)

Ok there was a part before this. Get birth certificate and legalize, but nothing interesting. The next step was to get health insurance/residency step by Carnet de Salud. I had read a lot about the process, but this part was pretty much skipped over.

Tres Cruces Bus Station

So I finally had a day free to go and start this process. Due to my tendency to procrastinate I had to rush out the door trying to get everything done before the clinic closed. If I didn't this would take, Uruguayan time + longer = Forever, to get it done. As such I took the first bus that went to the Tres Cruces area which dropped me off pretty far from Tres Cruces at Luis de Herreiera. Walking rapidly and guestimating my way west I arrived at Tres Cruces after about 20 minutes. I finally escaped the heat into the cool, bustling bus station.

Cruz at Tres Cruces

I wondered around and eventually found the photo booth to get my passport size photos that I would need. One took the picture, paid another and got a receipt, got my change and photos at another station. Yep this is Uruguay bureaucracy reigns supreme. Ok time to get to the clinic. Sweet I still had an hour and it was just across the street. I walked in asked to get the Carnet de Salud for RESIDENCY. No cigar. "Can't do it here you have to go to the public one". Where? "Durazno somewhere". Great. I headed that direction determined to get it that day.

As I forcefully walked towards Durazno my stomach rumbled. I had fasted the 12 hours and some that is required before the exam. Every food stall I passed was torturous. The heat beat down. My legs grew tired, it was much farther than I remembered to Durazno. I searched for the flag that would signal a government building and hopefully the public clinic. I found it! I entered the door and looked in. No one was there, doors locked. I looked at the sign 8-10:30. F%$%$%$^$^K! I tried to call their number to set up an appointment...nada.
I trudged to the bus stop defeated. Stay Tuned for Part Two.

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