Friday, November 11, 2011

#20 Listen to Local Artists

Ok I know I know. If there is one thing the U.S. can hang it's hat on is we have the best movies and music in the world thanks to Hollywood. Seriously, you can't go anywhere without hearing songs from the U.S. they absolutely dominate any local scene. Any non-U.S. top 40 invariably has our songs with a few local ones sprinkled in. However, even though our entertainment industry is exponentially bigger there is still some good stuff out there. Spain has Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Saenz, Nena Deconte, Javier Bardem(Apparently, god's gift to the ladies). They also have some stuff that sucks like David Bisbal, but we have Ke$ha so...

Argentina, particualary Buenos Aires, has a rather large film industry. I would say Buenos Aires is South America's version of LA. What makes it Latino/a is that they have the flair for being over-dramatic just like telenovelas(soaps). I think they got a bit more Italian(Loud, lovable, and a bit crazy) in their blood where as Uruguayans seem more Spanish(Quiet, reserved, and nice).

Even tiny Uruguay has some quality stuff. Por ejemplo(For example for the Shankees)Cuarteto de Nos. They are a local Uruguayan band that appeared after the dictatorship in the 80's. Speaking of dictatorships in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and Uruguay might be the reason their entertainment industries are surprisingly small.

Anwyays they are classified as pop rock, which from what I've listened to is a very upbeat rock. Seriously check them out on Youtube. They remind me a bit of Smash Mouth and consequently are now one of my favorite bands. Some of my favorites are Hijo de Hernanadez, Manuel Gritar, Nada me satisfece, and the title of their latest album Bipolar. It is the most fun way to practice your Spanish guaranteed, so don't think of it as wasting time think of it as studying. Aprovecho! Enjoy!

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