Friday, November 11, 2011

#18 Ride the Bus(Part II)

There are the Cutsca city buses which work just fine and do what they need to and then there are the buses between cities. They are on a completely different level oh. my. god. Why don't we have these in the States? I took the company Turil from Montevideo to Colonia del Sacramento about two hours away. Buying a ticket was easy I made a reservation on their site went down to a pharmacy across from the station and paid for the ticket.

The guy working there was next-level nice(There is normal polite person, Iowa Nice, and then Uruguayan Nice, I don't know how you could be any nicer). I waited for a bit and saw a bus that said it was going to Colonia directly. I didn't think it was mine, I didn't ask. Being my first time using the buses there, the next 30 minutes inside my head I kept thinking I missed my bus and frantically thought what I would do next. However, my bus eventually came(a little late, but that's Uruguay, I expected it).

Ok so the bus, nicest coach bus I have ever seen. Let's do a quick comparison:

Greyhound- Cramped and uncomfortable
Avanzabus(Spain)-Somewhat comfortable, but cramped
Turil-Oh my god how did they turn clouds into bus seats? You could almost fit another seat in between seats

Greyhound: Guy that somewhat scares you
Avanzabus: Nice, but not very helpful
Turil: Good morning! Where are you getting off? (And he tells you when your at your stop)

Greyhound: Crowded and I really don't want to get stabbed here
Avanzabus: Crowded and normal people
Turil: Almost no one on the bus and very nice

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