Friday, November 11, 2011

#14 Ride a non-U.S. airline

U.S. airlines suck plain and simple. They raise rates, charge for baggage, and any service has a price. For example it cost me $25 for a checked bag on Continental and I got a glass of ginger ale from KC to Newark and from Newark to Miami. Now I understand these are not international flights, but still.

TAM airlines from Miami to Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo to Montevideo:
First of all two 70lb bags checked free(International flight, but U.S. airways didn't give me that to Spain). On both flights they brought warm handi-wipe before serving food. The food was actually decent, but it still is an airline. The stewardesses were nice and actually seemed to like their job. Also I got food on the 2-3 hour flight from Sao Paulo to Montevideo on both. My U.S. flights: Nothing. Also on that flight they gave us headphones for free(gasp!). My friend from Spain asked for more food oh no problem he got seconds(holy *&%!) that would never happen on a U.S. flight.

It's profit over service and everyone seems to be doing it in the U.S. I would gladly pay a few dollars extra (not the hundreds U.S. airlines charge) for the service I got on the TAM flights.

Here is a photo metaphor of the difference:

What has been your airline experience? What is your favorite airline? Please Comment Below.

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