Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Chicken

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

This actually was my first Thanksgiving away from home, besides a very interesting camping trip that I took with my dad and brothers one year. Interesting enough doing a neo-Pilgrim Thanksgiving makes the food taste better, Thanks Dad!

This year I feel I have a exceptional amount of things to be thankful here. I will try my best to include all, but there are so many I may forget some.

Uruguayan Family:
They took me in like one of their own and really helped me with almost everything. I will be eternally grateful. From Juan Pedro's Spanish lessons to weekly soccer games with Chevy and their uncle, going to El Clásico with Jacho to help with anything medical from Monica, Grimilda and Mariana showing me Cerro to Perico and Mechi helping me with my resumé. I got maté tips from everyone and have also had lots of great conversations with all including the extended family. Last, but not least Berni who without his help this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks all!

My Family:

For being incredibly supportive of this decision and giving me great help with preparation and feedback on photos and this blog. Thank you all!


The ones back home(you know who you are)it has been great to talk to you and please keep in touch. Special props to ISU Run Club finishing number 2 in the nation. Also my friends here have been great and I look forward to more.

Great Experiences:
From family barbecues and pizzas to soccer games and from nights out and a visit to Colonia I'm very happy with all I've been able to do in this month and a half.

Life lessons:

Travel teaches you a lot...way more than college ever did for sure I'm glad that this adventure has made me aware of what is important and where I am going in life.

My Spanish teachers:

Ok it has been awhile. To all I know I wasn't the best student, but your help is invaluable here especially if I had to live like the first two days here. Special thanks to my Señora Lemons.

My education:

Blue Valley and Iowa State. All involved thanks even though I was a bit arrogant at times.

My health:

Thanks whoever or whatever has made good health possible. Getting sick when travel is common and I have been fortunate to only have minor issues.(knock on wood)

Many doors have been opened to me through the family and friends as well as on the job front(details later). Thanks to all for giving me a chance.

Still wondering about the title? They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Uruguay, so today I had chicken. Plus gallina(hen) is a put down for Nacional fans. Vamos Vamos Vamos Carbonero!

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