Saturday, November 26, 2011

Try the Local Drink: (Tang)

Sorry no alcohol this week I encourage reading about alcohol in moderation. Now you think Tang might not be Uruguayan, but it definitely is different than in the States. Putting Tang in water makes it juice or maybe Spanish just lacks a word for fruit drink. I have had perfectly good agua fria(cold water) ruined by tang many a times. I must be the only one that enjoys drinking water for meals. Oh and this isn't your regular orange Tang oh no. Pictured here is Durazno(Peach) and Pera(guess...ok I'll tell you, pear). Also available is pomelo(grapfruit) which for the life of me I can't understand how anyone likes that, but it is popular in soft drinks as well. Oh if your still mad at me that this isn't alcohol Tang would make a great mixer, your welcome.


  1. Haha didnt know that stuff still existed. Is it still a kick in a glass?

  2. Yea it is pretty damn good and popular. Although I have yet to see a orangutang...disappointed