Friday, November 11, 2011

Try the Local Food: (Queso)

Wait Cheese that isn't quintessential Uruguayan cuisine? No, but pizza isn't American and Chicago-style pizza isn't anything like pizza in Italy. You can argue if that is actually pizza, but I'd rather enjoy the delicious adventure of eating both. So yes their cheese is very different from the U.S. or traditional cheese-producing regions in the Mediterranean such as France, Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Cheese in Montevideo is primarily bought from a little town, Colonia Suiza(Shankees-Swiss Colony). It is very smooth and creamy and lacks a strong flavor like bleu-cheese or goat cheese. However, as a cheese addict who could eat cheese all day(Don't do this it is a terrible me painful) this cheese is great.

What is cheese like in your country? What is your favorite type of cheese?(I know one of my readers is from Wisconsin and should have an opinion as a quasi-expert) Please Comment Below.

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