Monday, December 12, 2011

#22 Get Residency: Part 1 Carnet de Salud(Part 2)

The next day I related my story of failing to get my Carnet de Salud. Monica gave me the "Ï'm sorry" look and started pulling out her phone. Despite my insistence that I could do it later she told me she had a friend that used to work in the clinic run by the Ministry of Public Health. She chatted with her friend which she apparently hadn't talked to since I had arrived in Uruguay. This inside connection set-up an appointment which meant I was going again the next day, so I had to endure another 12 hour fast.
I got to Ministry of Public Health about 7:45 and there was already a bunch of people waiting. I know how this works in other Uruguayan government offices...slowly. Luckily a lady came out that my connection had talked to and asked for my passport shortly after I arrived. I got fast tracked to be the first person through. Well after paying a painfully high 1600 pesos($80) because it was for residency. The non-residency one could be free, but at most was 250 pesos. They had an assembly line of doors set-up to get every bit of information they needed from you.

1. Pay(as detailed above)
2. Photo and entering information
3. Height and Weight(Since my homeland is not a metric fan I have no idea what the measurements meant, but I'm somewhere around 150 cm and weight 70kg)
4. Eye Test(Left eye perfect: right eye can't see the top line without contact, apparently this is sufficiently concerning I have to redo it to get a two-year Carnet de Salud)
5. Blood & Urine Sample(Time to give away bodily fluids and really nice people at this station, which is a nice trait in people that are about to stab me.)
6. Tetanus Vaccination(Yea I don't use my left shoulder too much and now I have proof that I've had this vaccine)

7. I am guy I got to skip this step.
8. Dentist(Thankfully only a quick look at my teeth not an actual checkup of scraping my teeth to death)
22. General Physical (minus the awkward turn your head and cough part) I don't know why so many numbers were skipped

Assembly Line(Sorry it is so blurry)

This took about 30 minutes in total. I went to pick-up my Carnet de Salud the next Tuesday(I went there Friday.) Again some waiting in the rows of chairs that government offices are so fond of, but I finally had it.
P.S. I have to retest my right eye to get it for 2 years rather than six months.

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