Friday, December 2, 2011

#23 Be a Vendido

Make unpopular decisions and you will hear it here in Uruguay as with anywhere. A lot. Almost constantly you will hear it. I might as well be Benedict Arnold in the family for my choice to be Carbonero. There is one other guy in the house for Peñarol, I understand his pain. Every day it is thrown in your face. They call me a Vendido because they thought I had said I was for Nacional. Just like in politics words get twisted and people disagree strongly.

However, being the deft political scientist(at least I think I am) I said nothing that definitively said I was for one or the other until I saw the game. Of course I was kind to Nacional because it would be stupid not to be in a family of Nacional before I had actually investigated both teams. Something different here that I rarely see in the States outside my mom and a select few of my friends is I catch as much if not more flak from the girls in the family for my decision. Extra-Vendido to them.

Then again I also made an unpopular maté decision in their eyes. The girls like maté dulce and as stated in my Maté post I drank it to start. Now I am an Amargo and I attract lots of flak for that as well. Oh well the cost of being an individual. I am fairly used to this as most of my ideas are different from everyone else at least from my point of view.

Picture above: Maté Dulce or Mierda(broma/joking)

I sleep like a baby at night because I am happy with my decisions. Unlike certain politicians(Cough Bachman Cough)who wouldn't pick a side in a rivalry because they are afraid to lose votes. Of course other castrated politicians do this to which is probably why currently one party has yet to declare a favorite for their candidacy for president. My ego likes to equate my individual nature with being like Artigas (founding father of Uruguay) or Washington, but I realize that is a big( and very self-indulgent) thought. Unlike Mr. Glenn Beck, I try(sometimes unsuccessfully, but at least I am trying) to contain my ego, so I don't become self-absorbed like the celebrities(or Sarah Palin) I despise. I think a lot of young adults/teens struggle with their individuality.

Picture Above: Artigas

My advice to them is to be who you are and stop giving a f*#$ what others think of you. Addendum to that: Don't call them idiots or treat others bad because the have different views. Respectful discourse and playful jabbing are all in good fun, but don't make it personal. So yes to them I am a Vendido, to me I am being true to myself not others. Trying to be liked by everyone usually gets you liked by few. If you grow a pair make a decision usually those who disagree will respect you unless they are Bill O'Reilly types. However, you shouldn't care what they think anyways.

Do you think I got it right? Or I am just a Vendido? Tell me what you think about being an individual or your experiences. SERIOUSLY IF NONE OF THE THINGS I SAID DIDN'T TICK SOMEBODY OFF I HAVE FAILED IN THIS ARTICLE. Please Comment Below.

P.S. Here is what I came home to when Nacional won the Torneo Aperatura(well besides the jokes):


  1. I like the other teams colors, they are prettier! Besides you are a traitor as you should bleed red for the STL Cardinalas and KC Chief.

  2. don't worry, you're not a sellout!