Monday, December 12, 2011

#24 Ride the Lux Bus

I try to watch what I spend and so that means taking the normal bus. However, sometimes that just isn't going to happen:

I had just finished talking to immigration after waiting for about an hour for the privilege to make an appointment that was not even made because their system was down. Then had gone and likely got ripped off by FedEx when I sent a letter a letter to the FBI and it cost me over $50. As I was leaving the downpour began while the wind howled. I ran for cover to the nearest bus stop.

The 148 Aviacion appeared from behind the line of buses after a very long 30 minutes that only served to put me in a worse mood. However, I wasn't at one of the official stops. I chased 148 in the rain, but the driver wouldn't open the doors and to me it was the equivalent of giving me the finger. Yes technically he wasn't supposed to stop there, but it was raining and the wasn't moving with bus after bus slowly crawling in front of 148.

Well he continued and I knew a shortcut through the Plaza Independencia to a SANCTIONED stop. As I ran through the needle like rain and tornado-like winds my papers from immigration flew out from under my jacket and across the street into a little river the rain had created. I waited for traffic picked up the sopping wet papers that were still salvageable, but barely. I dashed for the bus stop and arrived at the street to see the 148 bus just leaving. Cue middle finger now.

Technically it wasn't his fault, but my patience was gone after dealing with the infamous Uruguayan bureaucracy, likely getting ripped off, and torrential rain coupled with winds that would make Dorothy think tornadoes aren't that bad. Oh I hate the 148 it takes forever and they usually use the old uncomfortable buses and then that hijo de Puta! I waited at the sanctioned stop under cover of a quite inadequate overhang as the rain continued it's steady soaking of the city. Another 20 minutes and the other bus arrived the D5(ahhh ahhhh).

It costs an extra 7 pesos or about 40 cents, but today I needed it. What do I get for that extra few pesos. Bus seats that are cushioned and feel like they are holding you(soooo comfy) rather than the hard plastic covered with a thin cushion. It isn't nearly as commonly used, so you almost never have to stand unlike almost every regular bus I take. Also it skips some of the stops, so it is much faster. Some days you just need to treat yourself. Especially when your dangerously close to your limit.

Note: The 148 somewhat redeemed itself by picking me up at 5AM at an unsanctioned stop, but I guarantee if it hadn't I would have wished eternal damnation upon the 148.

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  1. Hahaha this was so funny xD Yeah, that moment when you think "fuck it, I'm going for the D5" is almost like that other moment when you say "fuck noodles, I'm ordering pizza tonight" The eternal battle, Economy vs Comfort xD