Thursday, December 29, 2011

My $.02 on a $200,000 Education

This is going to be long, but if you are in college/about to graduate you should read this or at least the links I have added to this post if you disagree with my view.

I have touched this subject before when speaking of my experience of graduating from Average American University aka ISU.

I stumbled upon an article about the value of college through a link shared by one of my college friends on Facebook. It got me thinking about if college is really worth it? Many would say yes. Some would say no. I would say it depends.

People who should go to college:
-You are smart you score in the 90th percentile or higher on everything and you did very well in school. You get some sort of scholarship that helps take the edge off the sting of an expensive education. You don't know what you want to do yet, but you have an idea.
-You are an athlete who is very good at your chosen sport and you are attending for college for free or are actually getting paid(illegal but we know it happens) and you choose a major your interested in that will lead to a career that is not on the playing field, court, track, etc.
-You are a ridiculously insanely good athlete who is going to college and there is no question you will be pro it is just a matter of when
-You are a minority, foreigner, woman, poor, or a first generation college student who is receiving a scholarship that pays a good chunk of your costs.
-You have taken college classes in high school for a reduced price and can easily graduate in 4 years or less.
-Your parents are paying for everything and will continue to do so. You will never need to work a day in your life.(Personal aside: I'd rather have you slightly educated than be an uneducated socialite)
-Your parents/grandparents have saved money for you to go to college that will help pay a significant amount of the cost

People who shouldn't go to college:
-You are average to below-average intelligence and getting into a college was difficult. You are going to be paying full-sticker price and you will need a bunch of loans.
-Your parents aren't/can't pay a cent and the government and scholarships cover little to nothing.
-You have no idea what you want in life and you are going to college to find out.
-You are going to college just for athletics you might be able to go pro, but it is far from certain and you don't really like school.
-You are practically a genius you know exactly what you want to do and have a rough idea of how to do it. Why would you waste your time?
-You routinely get made fun of from being stupid(not doing or saying something stupid once or twice) Take the hint. Not everyone can go to college find something else your good at that isn't school.

So what is the main takeaway from this in case you missed it. Only go to college if you can greatly reduce the highly-inflated cost. It is not worth it to rack up tens of thousands of dollars of debt. In my opinion debt of anything less than $10000-$15000 is acceptable, but this depends on your finances, family finances, and job prospects/pay in your chosen field. In line with this spending 5 years in college isn't worth it unless you are going to be an engineer or anything else that has to do with computers that is super-in-demand and pays well Doctors and lawyers go to law/med school and I have no idea if that is worth the sticker price.

Second don't go to college because you think it is the only way to make more money. It isn't. I wish employers didn't need qualifications before they could consider anyone a worthy job candidate. I personally tend to pick up things much quicker than most people I meet. I can't quantify that and other people who think they can and can't make me saying it meaningless(If you have any ideas how to market this comment below or tell me skills you have that aren't quantifiable). Those super-rich people that do Silicon Valley start-ups are a good example of this.

Third, to be frank if your stupid don't waste your time and money as well as others. You can probably do something else that doesn't require much school smarts that you actually like.

Fourth, this only applies if you can't fund your studies and you are only of average intelligence or less(not everybody is book smart).

Here is what to do instead of college for the same price or less. I like one of those a lot.

Oh and if you do go to college pick a major you really like rather than one where you will be able to make lots of money.

I talked to a guy the other night that is 22 owns his own import-export business and by most marks is successful. He has met billionaires that are the Forbes 100 richest list. He is headed to Harvard shortly for his MBA. All of these impress most people, but what impressed me most is what he told me. I want people in college to listen to this because I think it is so true. He was the youngest person(age 19) in an American corporation ever to rise to a very high-level position(not sure exactly). He was working 12 hours a day or to put it succinctly working his ass off. You know what they wanted they wanted him to work 15 hours. They wanted him to do more despite he did more than anyone else ever had.

Are you F***ing Kidding Me? Rightly so he gave them the metaphorical finger. A rough quote of what he said, "I want to enjoy life I am too young to be working that much maybe later, but right now I want to enjoy life." I have seen this happen personally with people in my own life. American Corporations want to suck you dry and spit you out with nothing. Just like BBQ ribs they'll pick everything off you and leave you as a bone to be thrown away in the garbage. Why wouldn't they? They can just find another sucker to replace you if you quit. College graduates beware! Many of my friends are graduating this year or next I hope they read this and at least give this some thought.

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