Saturday, December 10, 2011

Try the Local Drink: Patricia

After having a wealth of experience with this last night I feel now is a perfect time to introduce you to Uruguay's other beer. In this Beer drink Beer world Patricia stands as the lone challenger to the aforementioned Pilsen. It comes in liter bottles making it ideal for sharing with friends (or at least you should). No need to brown bag it here. Just grab some friends, head to the store, grab a couple bottles, walk along the Rambla or wherever you want in the city, and pass the bottle around for a good night. You can also grab a bottle and freestyle rap with your buddy(see below). Patricia is a decent beer nowhere near my favorites, but again it beats just about any light beer I've ever had. Also even after quite a bit it doesn't seem as likely to lead to hangovers.*

*Amount imbibed means your results may very

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