Saturday, December 31, 2011

Try the Local Drink: (Wine)

After beer probably the most popular alcoholic drink around the world. It is most definitely the most popular drink throughout all of history. It comes in so many variations that it can be mind boggling for someone to try to find the best wines. Basically the best wines are produced by these countries(and in my opinion this order) Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, France, South Africa, United States(California), Australia, and Germany.

Notice two of those Chile and Argentina are fairly close to Uruguay. Well they both produce excellent wines Argentina is known for Malbecs and Chile for white wines(although the reds there are excellent). However, in Uruguay a different grape, Tannat, is starting to make splashes as Uruguay has increased wine production every year. An interesting test would be to buy a Malbec and Tannat wine and see which you like if neither find the blended version.

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