Saturday, December 3, 2011

Try the Local Drink:(Homemade Limoncello)

Again technically not Uruguayan, but since Uruguayans are of Italian descent and this is HOMEMADE it counts. Everyone loves the idea of making your own booze, so here is a rough guide on how to make your own limoncello(and drink it). First, find some distilled alcohol. Then add a bunch of lemon rinds and sugar to taste. Let it sit to absorb flavors(experiment with this) and then put it in large bottle for storage. Limoncello is best when chilled. So put limoncello in a smaller bottle and put in freezer, remember alcohol has a low freezing point, so it won't freeze.(Your beer did because it is water. Stop drinking Keystone or Natty!). When friends or family want some limoncello take it out of freezer and pour in shot glasses. Hey you stop! Yes you Mr./Ms. Joe/Jane College kid. Don't drink it like a shot. Limoncello is meant to be sipped to enjoy fully its deliciousness. Also first do a toast Salud! or Cheers! work great. No need for sappy stories about how you met your current companions at least not until you've had 10 or so. Buen Provecho!(Enjoy!)

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