Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Try the Local Food: Alfajores

Oreo on steroids. Dulce de Leche Heaven. Puts Little Debbie to shame. The famous alfajores. It depends on the brand, but basically what you'll get is dulce de leche piled high between sugar cookies or a thin layer between cake(similar to Hostess) and then covered in you favorite flavor of chocolate. They are amazingly creamy and rich, but some companies get carried away and make them gigantic. I couldn't finish them because they were just too rich. If your in Uruguay and looking for something sweet pick up some alfajores. Also don't go cheap spend that 10 or so extra pesos you'll get much better quality. I had no idea what these were when I got here now I am wondering why I haven't seen them anywhere else. Someone should start an alfajores import-export business.

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