Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Try the Local Food: Dulce de Leche

If from the alfajores post you didn't learn enough about dulce de leche there is more or so much creamy deliciousness more to be had. Dulce de leche is basically a caramel flavor sticky substance. You may have tried it in Mexico or other Latin American countries. Believe me it is way more popular here. A dessert without dulce de leche is just fruit or bread. Seriously they make every dessert with dulce de leche. Ice Cream Check. Cake Check. Pastries Check. Flan Check. I might have forgot something, but I almost guarantee it has dulce de leche in it. You can also just grab a spoon and serve yourself a heaping pile of dulce de leche(recommended). If you don't like it then the Uruguayan dessert table looks quite empty to you.

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