Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Try the Local Food: Ñoquis

You might know them as gnocchis, but the Southern Cone(Argentina, Uruguay, Chile) has it's own take. They are made out of potatoes and are absolutely delicious. Very much texturally similar to dumplings they are like eating a more solid and sticky form of mashed potatoes. Unfortunately these little balls of deliciousness(snicker, snicker) are very heavy or pesado and the plate you see left me stuffed. I craved more, but my stomach had reached its expansion limit.

Normally ñoquis are eaten at the end of the month which traditionally is the 29th. The reason is they were traditionally cheap and by the end of the month families were running out of money while waiting for the next paycheck. Nowadays it isn't the case for as many, but the tradition lives on. In the house I am staying in ñoquis are given to the people that come by asking for spare food. Not everyone in the world is so well-off and here this is the best way to help them without risking it being used for pasta base(regional brand of cocaine).

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