Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#27 Actually Make a Change for New Year´s

Welcome to 2012! Yea I know it is late by New Year started to day despite the fact I´ve been wrting 2012 for 10 days now. Why the 10th of January? Well I have reached a couple of milestones and have begun a new change.

My Apartment Building

First of all today I signed my contract for my new apartment. A nine-month deposit of roughly $3000 and many many money transfers and papers signed and I finally own the keys to an apartment in an amazing location here in Montevideo and most importantly for a good price. Why is the location so great? Within five minutes I can be at the Playa Ramirez a beach, Parque Rodó one of three large city parks, 2 of Montevideo´s best clubs, a carnival like amusement park, a decent sized soccer stadium for Defensor Sporting club, and MERCOSUR South America´s EU wanna-be. On top of all that it is exactly between Downtown(Centro and Ciudad Vieja), the newer ritzy area (Pocitos and Punta Carretas), and Tres Cruces where Estadio Centenario and the Bus Station are located.

Amusement Park(VAT Clubs on left)

I´ve also reached two milestones the three-month mark and I have officialy been out of the U.S. for longer than I ever have. That beats the previous holder Spain where my zest for World Travel exploded into an obsession. In these three month I have done so much. I´ve watched the biggest soccer game in Uruguay, picked my team, been to Colonia, worked in José Ignacio, attended a wedding, celebrated Christmas; New Year´s; and Dia de los Reyes, relaxed at the beach in Pinar, got a job with Berlitz, played Monday Night Fútbol, seen the underground music scene, ate and drank the best and worst Uruguay has to offer, met incredible and interesting people of all types, gotten back into respectable shape, fought Uruguayan bureaucracy(a continuing battle), drank mate, ridden many types of transportation, and listened to local music like Cuarteto de Nos y No Te Va Gustar. All the while gaining a deep appreciation and understanding of Uruguayan Culture.


There is something magical about the three-month mark you suddenly feel like you belong, you know what you are doing, you can speak and understand with few problems, and you ¨get¨ the country. In Spain I left just as I reached that point and I knew I had to go back. I still do. For me those times when it feels like you have finally arrived are the best and personally in Spain and here in Uruguay were and are the happiest I´ve been. I still want to go back to Spain and Italy, see New Zealand and Turkey, and explore the rest of South America especially Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. However, if you asked me where I would be right now if I could be anywhere in the world I would be at the beach house in Pinar(40 minutes from Montevideo) enjoying life Uruguayan-style I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else and in that I feel so fortunate.

Playa Ramirez

So what do you have to look forward from me this New Year? As you´ve seen above there are a few things that happened in December I haven´t written about yet including: A Uruguayan Wedding-The Party of Your Life, Navidad Down South-Food, Fireworks, Friends, and Family, Paradise in Pinar-It´s Not just a Beach, Dia de los Reyes-Christmas Comes Twice, Working for the Wealthy-A Waiter´s View of THE Party of the Summer. Additionally, the Residency Process continues and the Local Food & Drink posts continue. I know I´ve been a tease by not writing about Asado, but trust me the wait is oh so worth it.

Defensor Sporting Club Soccer Stadium

So what new things to look for in 2012?
Carnival in Montevideo-Like Distance Runners it goes Longer than Anyone(40 days)
Ai Se Eu Te Pego- I will be learning Portuguese so I can say more than the lyrics to that god awful song
Cabo Polonia- I really want to go there, but we will see if that happens
Buenos Aires- I am going to see if BsAs is all it is cracked up to be by every other traveler and if proteños really are that vain and stuck-up LA type us Uruguayos(or Shankee-Uruguayos) think they are.
Parque Rodó-Life on my Own in the Heart of Montevideo

Parque Rodó

There are a few others that will pop-up, but life needs surprises to make it worthwhile. Hope you are having a good 2012 and get out there and do something you´ve always wanted to do before the World Ends. (Damn those Mayans!)

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