Thursday, January 19, 2012

#28 Go to a Civil Union

No I didn´t go to a gay wedding although that is legal here in Uruguay just like Iowa.Background note: People here don´t generally move out of their parents´ house until they get married, so the wedding is kind of a big deal. However, to see a marriage by judge is an opportunity I couldn´t pass up. In the U.S. it seems like the paper work is filled out behind-the-scenes, here it is another part of the celebration.

On that partly cloudy the whole family packed into cars to the Ciudad Vieja to go the Government building where the couple would be legally married. After waiting a while, this is Uruguay after all, we cramped ourselves into a small room with a desk and the flags at the front. This family is rather large so the room probably normally isn´t this packed, but regardless it was tiny and drab perfect for a government office.

Anyways, it seemed like a run through of the wedding without all the pomp and customs of a typical one. The judge was the priest reciting the do you agree? and do you agree? and stating why this was important for the state rather than God. The parallels were interesting enough. Everyone clapped and congratulated them. When people say they want a simple wedding they are lying because this was a simple wedding. It was interesting, but for something as big as a wedding it is like doing only the rehersal dinner not quite satisfying at least in my opinion. Thankfully, they did have an actual church wedding and of course the reception which was incredible, but that is another post.

Everyone hurried down the stairs and out onto the touristy Peatonal Sarandi. There handfuls of rice were hurriedly distributed. You can guess what happened next. I felt bad for the ladies that had to clean that up in the rain afterwards because there was so much. however, there was a small get-together back at the house, so I didn´t think about it too much plus the wedding was in a couple days. The wedding post will be coming shortly.

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