Monday, January 23, 2012

#29 Crash a Wedding

No I didn't crash a wedding I went to one of the guys in the family's wedding, but the title is a hell of a lot more interesting than ¨Went to a Wedding¨ and like the Wedding Crashers I knew next to no one at this 500 person party. You know it is going to be a crazy night when the wedding starts at 9:30 PM, only lots of drinking, dancing, partying, and craziness happen after that hour. An so it did.

The Wedding was a pretty standard church wedding. Very formal and in a very beautiful church the Iglesia Carmelitas(see below). However, people don´t crash weddings to go to a church they crash them to go to a great party... We rolled up to Chacra San Jose(from what I understand a Chacra is a house in the country built to host parties.). Torches lit the way up the drive with a very luxurious looking house surrounded by palms and a white tent that was equally as large as the house protruding to the right into the manicured lawn. I felt like I had just entered a Beverly Hills party it was incredible and then we parked in the grave lot, yep still in Uruguay.

Guest list and everything. Despite being invited I wasn´t on it and for the better the poor Uruguayans really have trouble with my name. Ryan sin(without) B. Rian? No Ryan. Anyways for 500 people there were obviously many tables white table cloths nice plates and all as you would expect. As people streamed in, a small army(50 or so) waiters darted around with trays of Strawberry and Peach cocktails. People mingled as we found the cousins of the family and created the 3 table cluster for the younger generation(mine).

While we were talking people started congregating towards the dance floor. The couples first dance; the waltz. I watched as I had discovered a few days previously my feet are not meant for lateral movement unless crushed feet are needed. I am a runner after all I only go forward. Anyways afterwards the first plates arrived as servers streamed between the kitchen and the table-filled kitchen. Salad, oh well it would do for now.

Suddenly it started. Party-time! The groom danced with the bride in the while the crowd circled and watched. Then his friends and the brothers in the family moved in. What happened next I can only describe as dancing rugby. A mass of guys in huddle form jumped around like in a huddle and the giant mass moved around the open space in the circle like a spinning top. It looked to fun not to join, so I dove in. Making such a quick decision I didn´t understand I had just joined in a new sport. Trying to keep your arms intertwined while jumping, not getting trampled, and whirling around a crowded room with 15 other guys is in all reality a sport. I think this is how guys dance. It is brutally physical, competitive(who can stay the longest), and a lot of fun. We just aren´t as graceful as the female gender, but as one person remarked afterwards, (Translated)¨Better they dance than drink¨. I occasionly ducked out for a glass of whisky and to feel to the coolness of the night soothe my overheating body. Then back into the fray.

This stopped when the main plate came out a piece of chicken with sweet potato and a creamy sauce. Nothing spectacular, but it absorbed alcohol and provided energy to continue the dance party. And so we did. More dancing this time it was a bit more normal although the bride and groom were put on shoulders and danced above the crowd as well as as on top of a table lifted and rotated by the young men of the party. Costumes arrived and with them more fun as everyone began dancing. It was really a marathon of dancing that I had no trained for. Exhilirating and Exhausting.

Dessert arrived at large tables. It was excellent little finger sandwich size cakes and custards in little shot glasses. Afterwards only a few of the hardcore remained to dance a little longer and around 6 AM the family robbed every centerpiece of its flowers to take back to the house. I have no idea why we didn´t grab the leftover desserts. A short car ride back to the house and we fell asleep after unloading our prize flowers. I woke up the next day with my shoulders sore as hell and my legs know the night before was epic when that happens...A Uruguayan Wedding the Party to end all Parties.

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