Saturday, January 28, 2012

Try the Local Drink: Fernet

Stay the hell away from this drink. I´m am only telling you about this, so you won´t be tricked by anyone is that says it´s not that bad. It would be like a Canadian saying the Artic isn´t that cold. Lies. This drink is made in Italy, yea I know isn´t their food & drink usually descended from the heavens. Yes, but my theory nothing is perfect holds true here. To balance the pure amazingness of every other edible morsel and smooth drink all that is horrible must have been put in one bottle called Fernet. Crazy thing is it is popular in Argentina(damn it can´t say it is only porteños fault.)and here in Uruguay.

So basically what it tastes like is someone poured the spice cabient in a bottle of alcohol and then added extra of anything that was super bitter. I don´t mind bitter, but this is impossible worse than medicine. In fact it tastes so bad it probably is the best alcohol in the world for your health. Think I am exagerating how bad it is? Even the crazy people who drink it won´t drink it without it being well-mixed with Coca Cola. Even I will take a shot of Hawkeye vodka(I imagine it is similar to gasoline in taste) before I drink this mixed. Or even tequila or Everclear. Anything but Fernet!

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  1. Jajajajajaja como que no te gustó el Fernet xD!
    Yo lo probé una sola vez porque un amigo trajo de Argentina, acá no es muy común, más bien lo contrario, es algo "raro" y "de porteños" :P Y que se yo, con Coca se pasa... Así como las cosas feas xD
    Para mi el fernet es como tomar un remedio para el dolor de panza, pero con alcohol, funny ^^