Saturday, January 14, 2012

Try the Local Drink: Limonjito

Ok technically not a local drink. But a Chevy Del Campo and Ryan Clark original drink that will become the next big craze. I´m waiting to hear from Bacardi(or more likely I´m dreaming). Like all great drinks it is created by people who have enjoy a good drink, got bored, and improvised a new alcholic beverage. Basically, we had a Cuban themed night where with another friend we cooked a Cuban dish consisting of rice, ground beef, fried potatoes, onions, red peppers, parsley, and tomato sauce.

Without a good drink a good meal is just food. So we also made Mojitos consisting of Rum, Sugar, Mint leaves, Tonic, and Lime as you should know. We actually had some leftover because we used vodka for some of them.

Note: The photo below is of Mojitos. The Limnojito is very elusive beast and thus no photos
Anyways after arriving back in Montevideo after a wonderful weekend in Pinar during the car ride back we remembered we had some rum left! However, we had no tonic water, sprite, or anything to dilute the Rum except water(not an appealing choice). Or so we thought then we spotted that large bottle of limoncello. Yes! We mashed the mint leaves, sugar, and limes; added the rum; tipped a generous portion of limoncello into the glass; and finally added a splash of flavored carbonated water.

Ahhhhh! A potent, very strong, yet delicious new alcholic drink was born. If Barcardi starts developing this I want royalties. Word of Warning: This is very strong drink use caution. Coupled with being very tired and a couple of glasses of limnojito you may fall asleep in some strange places. Drink Responsibly! Don´t Drink & Drive!

The Above Picture is a Re-creation of a place I fell asleep after a couple limonjitos. I was also extremely tired

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