Thursday, January 19, 2012

Try the Local Food: Asado Part 2 (Cortillas)

This is the main event at almost every Asado although there are other sides that I will mention in Part 3. The Cortillas or Ribs are usually cooked last as they generally cook enough of them to put you into a meat coma. No Joke. You think you are a carnivore you won't be able to eat anymore of the delicious carne no matter who you are.

Yep! They Don´t Mess Around.

Why is it so damn delicous and why is there so damn much? La parilla(the grill). first off it is gigantic and really is more an altar used to cook meat than the pithy offering to the meat gods the grills in the U.S. are. They are huge and thus anyobody can cook like a restaurant which means a bunch. In fact I heard a story that the family´s asado once got mistaken for a nearby restaurant because there were so many people and a ton of smoke from the parilla. Also they don´t go hard on seasonings salt and oil are about it unless they go adventurous and throw some chimicurri on those prime pieces of beef. They let the beef do the come hither seduction which it does with ease. Finally, they use wood to cook it just like the best BBQ joints, which for the record are in KC not Texas or Memphis.

Wait those don´t look like ribs to you? Son sit down. They cut them across the bone so you get 4 oval shaped bones in your meat. This A. reduces a already long cooking time and B. puts a little class in stuffing-meat-down-your-throat-consumption. This is how meat is supposed to be cooked I would just add a bit of KC Masterpiece and go to meat heaven.

Next week: No Vegetables allowed! Asado's other delicous components.

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