Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Try the Local Food: Asado Part 3 (Queso & Pan de Ajo)

Disclaimer: Due to Technical Complications Pictures will not be added to posts until further notification. As such I have decided to suspend further Food & Drink Posts as without the pictures they seem incomplete. When technical issues are resolved pictures will be added to this post and these posts will resume. Therefore, posts will become more philosophical as I feel these are interesting and require few if any pictures.

What could you possibly want at an asado besides heaps of delicious meat? Fruits or Vegetables. No not allowed you pansy. You need the only food that is even greasier queso(cheese) and something to absorb all that grease pan de ajo(garlic bread). These are the only exceptions to meat and they serve a purpose. The queso is put in a tray full of dents and then cooked over the parilla to melty-deliciousness. Sometimes it is fancied up with olives or tomatoes and some oregano or other spice. The grease dripping from the cheese gets your taste buds salivating for the meat to come. Then there is the pan de ajo(garlic bread). A baguette cut in two with olive oil and ajo(garlic) slathered between the pieces. Then they let the parilla do its magic cooking it to crusty golden perfection. Asado is excellent add queso and pan de ajo and you just made your night heaven.