This blog aims to educate readers about the culture, politics, geography, food, drink, and daily life in Uruguay and South America through stories about my experiences here. Thus, the posts tend to be longer and more descriptive than simply an information post. As such this blog contains a lot of my opinions and should not be used for research purposes(at least not until I am recognized as a legitimate source).

Additionally, the goal of this site is to show some of the differences between cultures such as the U.S. v. Uruguay or Spain v. Uruguay. It should be noted that this site is not dedicated solely to Uruguay, but since it follows my experience it will include countries as I see them, at the moment that is just Uruguay.

The main posts are numbered with the higher the number indicating the most recent post. Every Wednesday there is a Local Food post and every Saturday a Local Drink post. Also there are some geography posts and culture comparison posts that aren't numbered.

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